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How to look younger – Part II: I’m really not on the high school track team

I’ve mentioned before that people mistake me for someone much younger than my 23 years. This isn’t usually a problem except for when I’m trying to buy wine and the cashier is refusing me. However, my youth does lead to … Continue reading

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People you meet at group runs

Since my motivation is roughly that of a plankton, I’ve been making an effort to run with other people, hoping to shame myself into speed and effort. I found a local running group that does and out-and-back run for 50 … Continue reading

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Procrastination is my friend

I’m starting to get a little freaked out about my half marathon in , oh, a month. In typical Allison fashion, instead of working harder, running more, eating better, etc, I’m running less, getting weird pains that require days off … Continue reading

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The problem with running

I think my biggest problem when it comes to running is that in my head I run like this: When, in reality, I run like this:   I run like this, except 10x more sweaty and 100x less chill. And … Continue reading

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Ebay or Anthropologie addiction? Does it matter?

Workout 5 miles on the TM – not too shabby, considering that I only had a 4 miler planned! I figured it might be a good idea to actually practice running 5 miles before my race next week. On to … Continue reading

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My sore muscle and bruise solution

This week was my delightful taper week, half because of my half marathon training schedule, half because of my 5K this weekend. It came at just the right time too – during my 8 miler on Saturday, my hip flared … Continue reading

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7 miles of Hills

I ran 7 miles yesterday! In the 45 MPH winds. I’m now officially into increasing my mileage into unknown territory. And I learned something new about my fun little town of Leesburg. It’s very, very very hilly. My first 3 miles … Continue reading

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