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Leesburg 10K/20K Race Recap

So I wrote out this whole post about how terribly I’d trained and what a bad runner I must be to have come in a minute over my last PR for a 10k. Except then I woke up Monday with … Continue reading

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How to deal with performance anxiety (Give Up Now)

I suffer from severe performance anxiety. I’m awesome at doing things when no one is watching, but if there’s anyone looking at me, I freeze. With running, I can totally just hide in the crowd. No one’s sitting there going … Continue reading

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Grumpy 10K Race Recap

Good news: My longest race distance is now a 10k. Bad news: I’m still crazy slow. The Brambleton Ribbon Run 5k/10k was yesterday morning at the delightful time of 7:30. I ate some OIAJ of nut butter I’d been saving just … Continue reading

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Addictions and 5 mile races

Something has been consuming my time… No, not that. Well, yes, but only 40ish hours of my week. No, my time bandit is more fun, and infinitely less productive: I had never played video games until, well, last year, when … Continue reading

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Race for Haiti 5K Race Recap

When I drove to this race in the pouring rain, I was freaking out. I’m from California…I don’t know what rain is! Will I slip? Fall? Drown? Fortunately for my sanity, the rain let up right when the race started. … Continue reading

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Cornbread quiche and 5K goals

I actually cooked for the first time in…a while. Cornbread quiche recipe from Caitlin. It was so good! I want to try other variations on this…maybe with ham…or spinach! I added an extra egg and used regular milk instead of … Continue reading

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Trying to choose a half marathon

Signed up for the first race of the season! Well, it’ll be my second race of the season…I’m running this one first- just haven’t registered for it yet! I’m running the 5K with my favorite college roommate, who mentioned she … Continue reading

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