About Me

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Allison. I’m a twenty-something technical writer trying to get faster at running in my ‘free time.’ Sometimes I cook, but my food rage usually takes over and I eat it before any pictures get taken.

I’m married. I eat oatmeal sometimes, but I hate it cold and in a jar. I think kale is creepy and I’m convinced Whole Foods is a cult. Then again, I used to think Starbucks was a cult too, but now I’m five drinks away from getting my Gold Starbucks Membership Card.

I don’t have a huge before and after story. I’ve been an athlete on and off most of my life. I was a figure skater for 3 years (ages 11-14), which was awesome until I realized that having a spotlight on me while music played and I had to perform in front of a huge crowd of people was actually one of my worst nightmares.

Next was swimming. This lasted exactly one year, when I realized that I was extremely susceptible to cold and illness when jumping in and out of an outdoor pool in December. I guess that’s one downside to growing in up California?

A few years later, longing for female comradery through team sports (who am I kidding? I was 17. I totally did it to meet boys.) I joined our homeschool varsity volleyball team, then the basketball team:

That's me, #2 from the right, back row. Look at those BANGS.

Lucky for my 5’2″ frame, homeschool basketball was not competitive. I was a senior, so even thought it was my first year ever touching a basketball, I was on the varsity team. Yay! I made exactly one basket the entire year.

After that was track and field. This was when I realized that running was kind of awesome, easy, and I was one of the only people who signed up for the seemingly long distance of the mile run.

Then came college, where majored in journalism, had lots of fun and didn’t exercise all at. I gained the freshman 15, then lost it when I realized that  (1) dining hall food was gross and (2) just because the only edible thing is cake doesn’t mean that all you should eat.

Then I got married:

I graduated, got a job as a technical writer, and realized that, hey, look, I have time to exercise. Also, I really missed having quad muscles.

I recently started running and practicing yoga and am loving both, but I am by no mean an expert on either of the two. I love that running gives grown-ups an excuse to compete and train.

You can tell Christopher took this, because I look like a midget!

Happy reading!


8 Responses to About Me

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Love your photo! So cute 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    Is that first picture at Reston Town Center? I grew up really close to there and lived there until about 2.5 years ago 🙂

  3. R. Hanson says:

    Like your writing and an interesting story…am older now but still do exercises and that helps with the mental outlook…


  4. shelby says:

    Okay, I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and kinda have a crush on it.

    Fellow running, wine-drinking, kale-snarking, vertically-challenged blogger

    • Auuugh, Kale is so creepy! It’s so curly and fluffy looking! There’s a reason it’s cheaper than all the other pre-washed and bagged lettuces.

      Plus, people also say they “massaged” their kale. Like, what the heck. I don’t shell out for a massage, I’m not giving one to a vegetable for free.


  5. RoseRunner says:

    Shelby is right. You are hilarious, and I will now be off to stalk the rest of your blog

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