Vegan ice cream is not husband approved

I decided that running faster means running more (Yes, there is rocket science being done over here!) so I’ve upped my running to four days a week. Since I’m a heat wimp, that means I’ve been doing all my runs inside on the treadmill. I’ve also planned all of my runs around days when Bones is showing on one of the three channels my little treadmill tv gets.

Booth thinks you should run faster.

I haven’t really actually cooked food in weeks. But recently I used my ice cream maker to make coconut milk ice cream. I was really excited about it. The recipe said some nonsense about “vegan!” but I ignored that warning label because, well, “coconut milk!”

I subbed corn starch for arrowroot starch since I’ve never had a moment before now where I was cooking and thought “Golly, if only I had some arrowroot starch!”

The verdict? I thought it was delicious, coconut-y goodness and ate two bowls.

Christopher, on the other hand, thought the non-dairy ice cream was weird and creepy. I told him he was now living in a vegan household and should get used to it. He gave me the stink eye and made himself two hamburgers. Guess I won’t be putting out my vegan cookbook anytime soon.

Booth would eat my vegan ice cream. And support my vegan cookbook, tentatively titled "Nothing tastes better than cow. But here's some futile attempts."

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5 Responses to Vegan ice cream is not husband approved

  1. Shannie Shan says:

    Trader Joe’s has some amazing vegan ice cream, try the Soy Creamy Mango Vanilla, it’s delicious!

  2. Kara says:

    Oh, Angel. I’d run to look at his pretty face.

  3. Haha, the first time I saw a deer, I immediately stopped running and yelled “deer!!” All the other runners looked at me like I was nuts.

    Are you a vegan? I was a vegetarian for eight years (vegan for a while), but am now a carnivore again.

    I’m from San Diego, but most of my extended family is from Riverside. How long have you been out here? Any recommendations of places to see/eat/run/drink wine?

  4. I love regular ice cream but don’t discriminate against vegan ice cream. Usually I get the So Delicious brand from Whole Foods!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! We’re in Falls Church, so not too far away. Luckily I’m across the street from a Whole Foods so I always have immediate access to wine.

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