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Vegan ice cream is not husband approved

I decided that running faster means running more (Yes, there is rocket science being done over here!) so I’ve upped my running to four days a week. Since I’m a heat wimp, that means I’ve been doing all my runs … Continue reading

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People you meet at group runs

Since my motivation is roughly that of a plankton, I’ve been making an effort to run with other people, hoping to shame myself into speed and effort. I found a local running group that does and out-and-back run for 50 … Continue reading

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It’s a drugged life

I’m completely unable to function without a cup of coffee in the morning. Now, I realize lots of people say “Oh, I’m useless without coffee!” or “Can’t start my morning with my cuppa joe!”  (I actually don’t know anyone who … Continue reading

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Grains bent on world domination

They’re coming. They can’t be stopped. They will infiltrate their way into your mind, heart, and soul by any means necessary. They will strip you of all personal identity, instead replacing you with a Whole-foods, kale, quinoa, faux-meat, gluten-free, whole-grain … Continue reading

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