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How to deal with performance anxiety (Give Up Now)

I suffer from severe performance anxiety. I’m awesome at doing things when no one is watching, but if there’s anyone looking at me, I freeze. With running, I can totally just hide in the crowd. No one’s sitting there going … Continue reading

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How to look younger: I’m really not a child bride

Anyone I ever complain to about this tells me they would kill for this problem. That’s the same thing people tell me about my curly hair -they’d kill me, scalp me and make my hair into a wig. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Desk workouts for the fit office lunatic

It’s no secret that I work in a cubicle farm. As farms go, they’re not half bad. The sun occasionally overpowers the fluorescent lights, and there’s a water cooler and free breakfast on Fridays. Exercise, however, is not something I … Continue reading

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