Summer Goals – Why Yes, These Are Inspirational

Like the new blog name?

Unfortunately for my hips, there’s been a little too much candy eating and not enough running the past few weeks. My office got a huge project, which led to more than a few 60 hour workweeks. Out of the goodness of their little office hearts, a basket of candy was placed next to my cubicle.

Next, a craving for Cheez-its hit. One Costco trip later, me and the other writers happily sustained ourselves on candy, Cheez its and coffee for the next three weeks.

So glorious. So, so bad for my hips.

Running feels like a traitorous friend right now. My knee has been feeling a little off since the half, so I’ve only been doing 6-10 miles a week and some yoga. My body is really confused by this lowered mileage, assuming that each two mile run means that a six-eight mile run is following. Which means I get ridiculously hungry from my 20 minute run. Since I spent the last two months going “I ran 11 miles! FOOOOOD!” I’m not really quite sure what to eat anymore.

I’m really not interested in dieting. I have plans, goals and aspirations. I want to enjoy my food. I want to complete my mission to try every flavor of Wegman’s sorbet.

Nothing must stand in the way of my quest!

I don’t want to go on some 1200 calorie diet, since I’d like to actually have the energy to do workouts that aren’t just slowly plodding on the elliptical. I don’t really want to give up my exciting journey through the sorbet of Wegmans. Or my cheese.

I think I’ll view the couple extra pounds the way I viewed my super long runs: Hard, but worth it to reach my end goals.  And in this case, the goal is my exciting path through a pint of green apple sorbet.

Or pepper crusted goat cheese on baguette.

Or grapefruit sorbet.

Or pulled pork sandwiches.

Anyone else getting hungry?

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2 Responses to Summer Goals – Why Yes, These Are Inspirational

  1. Kara says:

    Just decide to train for a marathon or ultra. Then you can eat whatever you want, I promise. 🙂

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