Easter Sugarfest 2011 Recap

On Friday I ate so well that I thought I’d post everything, food-blogger style.

My day started with a delicious donut:

Followed by coffee, of course. Then, for lunch:

Easter chocolate, courtesy of the HR department. Imagine about five little eggs filled with assorted chocolates instead of just that one. I followed my awesome lunch with diet coke. And more coffee, of course.

To try to get a little extra protein in my diet:

God bless whoever covered peanuts with butter toffee. Probably ate about half the little container.

Next, I was really feeling something sour. Enter Sour Patch Watermelon Gummies!

Now, this next food was a little bit of a splurge after all my healthy eats all day, but what’s life without a little splurging, right?

(I’m pretty sure this was the healthiest thing I had all day. Imagine it’s much, much bigger.)

So, here’s a little quiz for you. After this great day of eating, guess what I did on Saturday?

  1. Passed out in a sugar coma.
  2. Selectively ate salad all day.
  3. Ran 12 miles.
  4. Ate more Easter candy.

If you guess “3”, you’re right! Obviously, I totally went on to run 12 miles in about an hour. (plus another 90 minutes, but who’s counting?) It was possible the worst long run I’ve had…ever. I’m not one to blame my BFF sugar, but I’m pretty sure it let me down hardcore.

Following Easter Sugarfest 2011, I made a wise, mature, and soul crushingly sad decision. I did not go to Target and buy all the bags of 50% off Easter candy.


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One Response to Easter Sugarfest 2011 Recap

  1. Kara says:

    When I got the end of this post, I was like “Oh, discount Easter candy….I wonder if there is any left?” 🙂

    I like your food blogging 😛

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