Grumpy 10K Race Recap

Good news: My longest race distance is now a 10k. Bad news: I’m still crazy slow.

The Brambleton Ribbon Run 5k/10k was yesterday morning at the delightful time of 7:30. I ate some OIAJ of nut butter I’d been saving just for this occasion…just kidding, I drank a cup of coffee and choked down some bites of a bar. I still really hate breakfast.

The race was well done – lots of volunteers, post race stuff like free massages, a dj trying to get everyone to do jumping jacks to warm up (trying is the key word here). The only problem I had with the race is that the 10K run started at the same time as the 5K run/walk.

Obviously I’m not the speediest of people, so I start nicely in the middle of the pack so people don’t all have to pass me. Most of the walkers were not this nice. I understand the first mile of a race is usually a crazy mash of people, but this was bad. Walkers stretched all the way across the coned off area of the road, so to pass them you’d have to run out into the road with the cars. This isn’t necessarily the race’s fault, just inconsiderate people.

The course was awesomely flat for this area, only a few little climbs, and it wound through neighborhoods. The 10k runners ran the same loop twice. Apparently all the really slow people and walkers did the 5K – close to 800 people in the 5k and only 180 in the 10k.

The second loop was great. I actually was completely by myself for almost all of it – I didn’t realize this was because I was in the back of the pack, but oh well. I’m ok with how I ran – I didn’t walk even once, no weird pains anywhere, and  my splits were almost exactly 11 mins each. I am annoyed with that. For my 5 mile run all my splits were under 11 mins, and this time they were all over.

The other thing that was annoying is at the finish line, apparently since the 5K was over people assumed no one else was running, even though there was a steady stream of 10kers coming in. People were standing and chatting in the middle of the road to the finish line. I had some words for them. Also I had to yell move at a little kid who ran across the road right smack into me. Thanks, kid.

Oh, and my favorite part of the whole race was sometime after I finished, I realized that I had gotten my favorite monthly visitor in the middle of it. Awesome. I’m going to blame that on my sick stomach and slow times.

Random complaint – the after race food (at 8:30-9am) wasn’t bagels or donuts. It was hot dogs. I wasn’t in the mood for eating, but, ugh, smelling hot dogs and mustard was so gross.

Random observation – One sad thing about longer distances being coupled with shorter distances is all the slow people do the shorter distance and only the faster people do the longer one. I would have been decently up at the front of the pack in the 5k (not the front front, but not in the rear like the 10k).

Sometimes I really think my life would be easier if I didn’t care so much. If I was just like, yay, I finished my first 10k I’m so AWESOME! I’m just glad I have legs to RUN ON. TIME IS SILLY. RACING IS SILLY. RUN FOR FUN. But that’s not me. I want to be really damn good at whatever I do. So why I decided to start doing something I’m terrible at, I have no idea. I must just love being really hard on myself.

To end this really ridiculously long post:

Time: 1:09:16, 11:09 average

And because I’m not a super blogger, I didn’t bring a camera or take pictures of my coffee, fake OAIJ, the race, my outfit or the weather. But I did write a nice long 700 word post.

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One Response to Grumpy 10K Race Recap

  1. Kara says:

    Lol, I love your race recap.

    I hate walkers who don’t know race manners. I think 11 min/miles are great for a 10K and I’m sure you’ll beat that time when you find a more open course 10K in the future.

    I did a 10 mile race where they had hamburgers and BBQ after (at like 9am). Ugh. I just want some pretzels and Gatorade, thanks.

    I never take pictures when I run either, we should form a blogging club. 🙂

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