Addictions and 5 mile races

Something has been consuming my time…

No, not that. Well, yes, but only 40ish hours of my week. No, my time bandit is more fun, and infinitely less productive:

Yes, it's true.

I had never played video games until, well, last year, when I played Portal (the cake is a lie!) and more recently, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I’ve come a long way from my player accidentally throwing herself off of cliffs and ledges in Halo. I probably should be ashamed but, eh, whatever, I’m too busy fighting off dark Jedi and finding the Star Maps to ponder it too long.

Oh, and I ran a 5 mile race on Saturday! No biggie, right? I had always thought I’d love anything longer than a 5K ten times more, and now I feel like I can legitimately say I do not like 5ks without being all hypocritical about it.

I ran the whole thing in 52:51, which was well under my goal of an hour, and I even had negative splits. This was such a great race – it was a gorgeous day, the course was through neighborhoods, which was awesome because all the little Ashburn children came out and waved pom poms at us. Is it weird to wave back at all the little kids? They were so cute! I didn’t want to be all “I am WAY too cool to wave at you, small child.”

I was delighted with my results until I was looking more closely and realized that EVERYONE IS SO FAST. Cue half marathon freak out. I really don’t want to be last, or close to it. The whole “just finish!” thing never really jives with my Type A personality. I now feel like an idiot for signing up for something like that before even running anything over 6 miles. In a perfect world, I would have waited until my miles were a consistent 9-10 minute miles, instead of 11 minute miles, before upping my mileage. But my impatience won over my type A-ness. Of course.

Well, nothing to do now but try to make my miles just a little bit faster and try really really hard not to come in last. In theory I could also not put pressure on myself but, ha, I may as well try to stop myself from finishing Knights of the Old Republic.

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2 Responses to Addictions and 5 mile races

  1. Kara says:

    I love that you play video games 🙂

    You won’t be last. You’ll probably end up passing a lot of people who start too fast in the half marathon. Lots of people can run a fast 5K or 5 miler, but not many can do that for 13 miles!

    • Haha, my husband is regretting getting me started, since he now has to share his xbox!

      Haha, I hope so! I may run slow, but darnit if I don’t have evenly slow splits.

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