5 steps to brunch

So, despite the rain and crazy hills, I set a new PR of 31:17 at the Potomac River Running Race for Haiti 5K yesterday!

I’m happy! I also realize that my last 5k was on completely flat ground (up a street and down), so the fact that I beat that time despite the difficulties mean I am definitely in much better shape than November.

Carmen and I stayed together the whole time, and she managed to pull ahead right at the end for a 31:15 time – pretty awesome for her first 5K!

Our friend Kyndra, who was visiting from New York (who started training a mere week ago for this, no less) finished in 31:53.

“I had a few mantras I had to keep saying to myself,” Kyndra said. “Everyone finishes’ was the first one. ‘5 steps to brunch’ was my other!”

My camera refused to work at the event (memory card locked?) but luckily Kyndra brought hers. Full race recap to follow as soon as I get the pictures.

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One Response to 5 steps to brunch

  1. Kara says:

    I’m always repeating mantras to myself when I run. Most of them are silly (You can do this. You ARE doing this) and some are popular (Pain is weakness leaving your body), but they do seem to help!

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