My sore muscle and bruise solution

This week was my delightful taper week, half because of my half marathon training schedule, half because of my 5K this weekend. It came at just the right time too – during my 8 miler on Saturday, my hip flared up in anger. Weirdest thing – I left for the run, no bruise on my hip.  I came back and there was a small dark purple dot on my hip that just continued to spread until it was half-dollar sized. Christopher thinks I popped a blood vessel. I have absolutely no idea. Anyone else ever get that?

Luckily, GNC is right down the road and I ran and got Arnica cream.

I highly recommend this stuff to anyone suffering from muscle stiffness, bruises, or injuries. Arnica makes bruises go away faster and decreases muscle soreness when you massage it into the muscle or joints. We first started using it when my sister and I were figure skating and, due to the nature of the sport, fell repeatedly on the same spot. There was aways a remarkable difference when we would forget to use it and when we did use it.

What makes it even more awesome, besides it’s effectiveness, is that it’s plant based so you’re not rubbing weird chemicals into your body.

I’ve used it for muscle injuries and bruises (clumsiness related bruises, usually. Those tables just JUMP at you!) my whole life. The Boiron Arnica is my favorite brand, but I could only find this one at GNC. It worked pretty well, but the cream is thinner than I like.

It’s not terribly expensive either. The Boiron is only $7 on Amazon. I’ve never tried the Arnica pills, so I can’t say if those work or not.

Luckily, with Arnica, hip focused yoga, rest and ice, my hip felt great for a 4 miler on Thursday. I’m making that my last one so my legs will be fresh for tomorrow’!

Disclaimer: Arnica people have no idea who I am. I paid for this Arnica and voluntarily posted about it because I think it’s awesome.

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2 Responses to My sore muscle and bruise solution

  1. bearrunner says:

    Nothing better then tapering… Have to check out that cream you mentioned. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your 5k… 5k is a great distance but difficult distance to race. Hope you win!


  2. Kara says:

    I love scaling back on mileage for a weekend! I love Tiger Balm, that’s what I use for soreness and bruising.

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