Cornbread quiche and 5K goals

I actually cooked for the first time in…a while.

Cornbread quiche recipe from Caitlin. It was so good! I want to try other variations on this…maybe with ham…or spinach! I added an extra egg and used regular milk instead of Almond milk, since I only buy vanilla almond milk. And vanilla quiche would be strange. Just a hunch.

So easy and tasty!

5K Goals

Carmen (who’s running her first 5K with me tomorrow!) and I went shopping for running clothes today, and we picked up our race packets! I’m nervous about it tomorrow – mainly because I really want to do well.I put way too much pressure on myself about everything. I always set huge expectations then get crushed when I can’t live up to them.

So, conservatively, these are my goals for tomorrow’s 5K:

  • Beat my last time of 32:33.
  • Finish strong.

Less conservatively:

  • Finish under 30 minutes!

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow too, which will be interesting since I’ve never run in the rain before. I looked around for hats to get one suitable for wet weather, but Target was sadly lacking.

I guess if worst comes to worst, I can wear Christopher’s NRA hat. NRA = National Running Association, right?

The rifle represents...the starting pistol at races!

Just…go with me on this, okay?

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2 Responses to Cornbread quiche and 5K goals

  1. As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

  2. Kara says:

    Good luck on your 5K today! I ran a 5K in the pouring rain once, it was fun!

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