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The problem with running

I think my biggest problem when it comes to running is that in my head I run like this: When, in reality, I run like this:   I run like this, except 10x more sweaty and 100x less chill. And … Continue reading

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Addictions and 5 mile races

Something has been consuming my time… No, not that. Well, yes, but only 40ish hours of my week. No, my time bandit is more fun, and infinitely less productive: I had never played video games until, well, last year, when … Continue reading

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Race for Haiti 5K Race Recap

When I drove to this race in the pouring rain, I was freaking out. I’m from California…I don’t know what rain is! Will I slip? Fall? Drown? Fortunately for my sanity, the rain let up right when the race started. … Continue reading

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Ebay or Anthropologie addiction? Does it matter?

Workout 5 miles on the TM – not too shabby, considering that I only had a 4 miler planned! I figured it might be a good idea to actually practice running 5 miles before my race next week. On to … Continue reading

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Gloomy day blues

Today the sky looked like this: It matched my mood! Gloomy and sad. On the semi-bright side, I snuck around the system on my work computer and downloaded Google Chrome. Meaning I can listen to Pandora! (Well, for 40 hours … Continue reading

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5 steps to brunch

So, despite the rain and crazy hills, I set a new PR of 31:17 at the Potomac River Running Race for Haiti 5K yesterday! I’m happy! I also realize that my last 5k was on completely flat ground (up a … Continue reading

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Cornbread quiche and 5K goals

I actually cooked for the first time in…a while. Cornbread quiche recipe from Caitlin. It was so good! I want to try other variations on this…maybe with ham…or spinach! I added an extra egg and used regular milk instead of … Continue reading

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