Procrastination pays off.

Here’s a little story about a parking ticket, taxes, and not being a grown up. But somehow it all working out.

This is Allison:

On the left, looking so hot

She had lived her merry life in the county of Loudoun, in the town of Leesburg, with no worries, for 7 months.

One day, her car had a little love note from the Leesburg police:

Apparently, Allison did not put on the special sticker that told Leesburg she loved them. For this egregious crime, she was charged $100.

Sad, Allison paid the ticket. But she could not figure out how to get a decal without going to the town offices, a fate which seemed too terrible for words.

So she procrastinated.

Meanwhile, Loudoun County sent her a personal property tax form, which she, being a good citizen, tried to file. But the website crashed. And the paper was lost to Allison. Lost with the paper was her account number, making filing taxes impossible.

So she put “file tax and get decal” on her to do list.

For 6 weeks, she put this on her to do list.

Then, one day, the town of Leesburg sent her a gift in the mail:

Her parking decal! And, on the paper, was her account number, allowing her to file taxes. Allison did not have to call the county, nor did she have to go to a terrible office in person. She just sat on her butt, procrastinated and everything she needed just came to her.

This may be one of the happiest moments of Allison’s young life.

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2 Responses to Procrastination pays off.

  1. Kara says:

    This is a great story 🙂 That would never fly in the town of Herndon though, I always had to go to the Town Hall to get my decal!

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