7 miles of Hills

I ran 7 miles yesterday! In the 45 MPH winds. I’m now officially into increasing my mileage into unknown territory.

And I learned something new about my fun little town of Leesburg. It’s very, very very hilly. My first 3 miles were all uphill. I guess on the bright side, my last 4 were mostly downhill!

I’m quite sad now, since our 70 degree weather is turning into this:

Future snow, I loathe you.

For some reason, before my run, I felt so nervous! Almost as if I was running a real race. I think I must be putting way too much pressure on myself for these longer runs. Does anyone else get nervous before long runs?

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One Response to 7 miles of Hills

  1. Kara says:

    I’m always a little nervous before long runs. I double check to make sure everything is charging at least 3 times the night before 🙂 I think it’s normal!

    Great job on your run!

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