Valentines Day!

So my Vday plans involved staring at Chuck Bass for two hours with my friend Carmen while our men go to the local sports bar.

I don’t really care about Valentines Day, what can I say? Too much pressure. I do love my husband dearly, and we celebrated a little. But my dislike of crowds keeps us out of restaurants, and whether or not i get anything is irrelevant. I got the best present already:

My husband, of course! Not those creepy froggies.

However, the universe seems determined to shower presents upon me today. My office bought in donuts, which I had been craving for 3 days.

I also won 2 giveaways:

1. A hemp bag from The Art of Zen Crochet. Totally excited about this, I think it will be great for farmer’s markets!

2. Two bracelets engraved with words of my choice from Spiffing Jewelry ! I’ll post them when I my customized bracelets. =D

And God gave me an awesome gift in the form of decent weather for a run! Technically today is a rest/stretch/strength day on my plan, but I was dying to run after being cooped up for months, so I did an easy 2 miles. The weather was crazy windy, so I’d fly down one way and the struggle up the other.

I got yet another surprise when I came home!

Phone picture. I really need a camera!

And then a quite lovely surprise of Chuck Bass in a tux (yes, I still watch Gossip Girl. It’s a reallllly guilty pleasure.)

Any other GG fans? How do you feel about the Blair/Dan thing? I’m begrudgingly finding it endearing, although my heart breaks when Chuck and Blair share the screen. Sniff!

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One Response to Valentines Day!

  1. Kara says:

    I started watching Gossip Girl when I ran on the treadmill and I was hooked instantly! I was so bummed when I ran of seasons on DVD and now have to cover my ears when others talk about it so I don’t hear spoilers 🙂

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