Too much too soon: Preventing Injuries

I’ve been worried about signing up now for a half marathon in May (aside from my commitment-phobia) because for the first time in my short running career, I’ve experienced mild injuries.


    Yup, in my butt/hip. also, doesn't the signature look like the leg is sprouting weird hair?


    Because I’m just so lucky, the pain quickly trickled down into BOTH my knees. Fortunately, with research and help from, I’ve tinkered my training. Here’s what seems to be working for me:

    • Running without a magazine. Yeah, so I realized while reading Shape on the treadmill I was looking down, which threw off my posture and made me hunch. Woops. Magazine away, I straightened up and a lot of the pain went away.
    • Running on a 1-1.5% incline. This seems to take a ton of pressure off my knees. I’ve also been able to work hills (which seemed so intimidating!) into my runs.
    • Strength building. I need to incorporate more pilates/core work into my workouts, but I have been taking Body Pump faithfully.
    • Icing/resting. I ice anything that hurts and I don’t run the next day if there’s pain.
    • Stretching. Whenever I do pigeon pose, there is a clear difference from my right to left side. I really wonder what makes one hip tighter than the other! I’ve been working on opening my hips up before and after running.
    • Galloway method. I really wish I had done this run/walk thing sooner! Simply walking for 1 minute every 4 allows me to run much faster, lowering my overall time, and loosens tight hips and knees in between.

    My taper week was last week, so this week I’ve done two 3 miles runs (two days in a row, no less), and have a 6 mile long run planned this weekend. Hopefully it will be without any major pain.

    Any tips for preventing/treating IT pain?

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    4 Responses to Too much too soon: Preventing Injuries

    1. Caitlin says:

      I hope you feel better!

      When I have IT band issues, I take a few days off, foam roll, and ice.

    2. Thanks! I’ve never used a foam roller…I’ll have to look into those!

    3. Kara says:

      I second the opinion for foam rolling and also taking an ice bath after your long runs (yes, that sucks as much as you might imagine, but it helps!)

      Yoga is a lifesaver as well. The Yoga for Runner’s podcast on is fantastic.

      • I told my husband I needed a foam roller, so he said “Wait right here!,” and ran and grabbed our rolling pin. It…actually worked! Haha. My hip and legs felt 10x better. i think I’m going to invest in a *real* one, however…

        I love yoga! I’ll have to try the one specifically for runners, thanks!

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