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8 miles down!

This is so exciting. I honestly never thought I’d be able to run more than 4 miles. Splits Mile 1: 12:05 Mile 2: 12:29 Mile 3: 12:17 Mile 4: 12:10 Mile 5: 12:35 Mile 6: 12:23 Mile 7: 13:16 (looooong … Continue reading

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Procrastination pays off.

Here’s a little story about a parking ticket, taxes, and not being a grown up. But somehow it all working out. This is Allison: She had lived her merry life in the county of Loudoun, in the town of Leesburg, … Continue reading

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7 miles of Hills

I ran 7 miles yesterday! In the 45 MPH winds. I’m now officially into increasing my mileage into unknown territory. And I learned something new about my fun little town of Leesburg. It’s very, very very hilly. My first 3 miles … Continue reading

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Week of take out

Things really picked up this week at both my office and Christopher’s (tis the season for project deadlines, apparently) and I found my days going like this: 6:45-7:15: Wake up, try not to die of the sleepy, silently curse Christopher … Continue reading

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Valentines Day!

So my Vday plans involved staring at Chuck Bass for two hours with my friend Carmen while our men go to the local sports bar. I don’t really care about Valentines Day, what can I say? Too much pressure. I … Continue reading

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Trying to choose a half marathon

Signed up for the first race of the season! Well, it’ll be my second race of the season…I’m running this one first- just haven’t registered for it yet! I’m running the 5K with my favorite college roommate, who mentioned she … Continue reading

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Why is eating breakfast so hard?

At the age of 12, I stopped eating breakfast. My previous eggs and toast breakfasts were replaced with a piece of fruit or water, if anything. When I finally learned of the delightful joys of coffee, I cut the fruit … Continue reading

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