On why the weather is a selfish jerk.

I had a five mile run planned this morning, and I was pretty excited. The snow was gone, so I figured that I’d have an awesome trail run.

Well, the weather heard my plan, laughed, and said “JUST KIDDING.”

That's the weather, mocking me.


I bundled up and set off. 1.2 miles in my thighs went numb and tingly. It felt like they were two miles wide and were being pressed on all sides. It was…odd.

So I ran upstairs and put on:

  • 1 hat and Christopher’s beanie = 2 hats
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • long underwear
  • knee socks
  • thermal top
  • super hoodie
  • pants (long underwear wasn’t really a good look for me…)

I looked a teenie bit like this:

Unfortunately, 2 miles in and I couldn’t feel my face. So I wimped out, removed most of the layers, drove 2 minutes to the gym and did 3 more miles to hit my five miles. I’ve got to say, 5 miles after breakfast and coffee at 11 am is 10 times easier than just 2 miles at 6 am.

I’m warming up with my favorite tea flavor:

Jasmine tea + the penguin mug christopher got me = happy.

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