Time to discard


We have a tiny, one bedroom apartment. It’s great, and we fit the space just fine. The only problem is out stuff doesn’t fit the space. Our closet is exploding with clothes and who knows what, our laundry room is so full of boxes we can barely use it for laundry. It’s ridiculous.

So we decided it’s time to toss the crap, including:

  • Clothes that we don’t wear.
  • Stuff we don’t use
  • Random papers we have lying around
  • Textbooks I would like to purge from my house (not bitter about college!)

Since Christopher has been sick and not up to full scale purging, I started small, with a magazine purge. I’ll freely admit I’m addicted to magazines, and I manage to get lots of subscriptions for free: Real Simple, Oprah, Whole Living, Self, Shape, InStyle, Muscle and Fitness, PC World, Game Informer and Guitar Player. (Guess which ones are Christophers?)

So, give or take a year’s wroth of magazines and you get this:

It’s not pretty.

I made myself stop and think, “WHY do I save all these magazines?” Easy answer: recipes!  I devoted a little bit of time to flipping through the magazines and pulling out all the recipes I wanted to try. I learned two things:

  1. I had a lot less recipes I wanted to make than I thought I did.
  2. I was saving a lot of magazines that had nothing in them I wanted. At all.

I sorted and separated. I was brutal in my purge!

Note the like, 4 recipes I've saved from all those magazines.


So, I saved a the most current issues (January-February) and an issue or two of Self that I really liked. (Plus Christopher’s magazines. He throws his away more dutifully than I do.

And this is what was left:

So clean!


I managed to stick to my training plan all week, and completed my first “long” run (4 miles!) yesterday. I felt pretty hardcore in my black beanie as I navigated around the snow/ice (that is, if you ignored the purple-striped gloves I was wearing too.)

And, I was incredibly excited when, during my home yoga practice today, I did my very first Bakasana (crow pose!)! Christopher was witness to this exciting event. I held it for a few breaths and it was EXCITING.

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