Vegan Challenge, Conclusion

I had Parmesan cheese on my salad tonight and a plate of ribs last night. I suppose that should be all I need to say about whether or not I plan to make the switch to vegan eating permanent. I don’t. However, there are a few things I am taking away from the experience.


I really did notice a large boost in energy. I was making sure to include carbs (vegan bread) in my food choices. I also ate lots of fruits. I didn’t calorie count, but made a reasonable effort to avoid processed sugars and focus on eating plants rather than, say, vegan cookies. I didn’t feel like I could take on the whole world, but I did pretty good considering I was sick.

Skin and Immunity

My skin has actually been quite clear for the most part. Again, I’m not sure if it’s the vegan, green monsters or lack of angry hormones at the moment. I’m going to keep drinking green monsters and keep my fingers crossed on this one!


I cooked four time during the week and ate out twice (veggie sub at Subway and hummus and red pepper sandwich at the Canal House Cafe). I was quite pleased that it is fairly easy to cook delicious vegan recipes. I must admit though, leaving cheese out of enchiladas feels very, very wrong. In the future, I think my recipes will lean more toward vegetarian than pure vegan.

Almond milk is definitely one of my new favorite things. I was a huge milk drinker when I was a little kid, but stopped once I hit my teens. I haven’t really had a taste for it since. But I absolutely love Silk’s PureAlmond Vanilla Almond milk. It not only tastes yummy in green monsters, but I found myself drinking a glass straight while blending my smoothie or after a workout. I tried it in my cereal too, and it was extremely delicious.

So, I guess, eating vegan feels much healthier and feels good. But I do enjoy a little chicken or cheese to add ‘oomph’ to a recipe.

I honestly found it really easy to eat vegan at most meals. I think that vegan recipes and choices are something I can easily incorporate into my everyday life. It may hopefully improve my health, my weight or my energy. I’ve found myself unconscionably eating vegan all day today (aside from a sprinkle of Parmesan on my pasta and zucchini!).

Anyone else tried going vegan? Is a week long enough to correctly analyze benefits?

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