Vegan Challenge, Days 2 and 3

Well, Day 3 of my vegan for a week challenge is almost over and I’m still going strong! I did have a strong craving for a Wegman’s sub today, but more due to the fact that they use Everything Bread for their subs than the meat/cheese factor.

I sadly do not have much to report in the way of energy or health, since I woke up this morning completely congested and coughing. I’m assuming this is more from being around a sick friend over New Years Day than from anything vegan-related. I’m hoping that the boost in healthy food will help me recover much sooner than normal!

Yesterday I did make it to spin class and then to our gym’s Flow Yoga 2 class. I was really impressed with the yoga class and sad that the instructor only teaches at 12pm on Mondays, since I’m usually at work during that time. It was her first time teaching at our gym, and I’m not sure the gym people were quite prepared for her asana! When she asked the class to end with an ‘ohm,’ only 2 people out of the 15 or so attending actually joined in.

I faithfully set my alarm last night for 5:45 a.m. and turned in early, but I woke up feeling absolutely horrid. Thinking an hour of sleep would benefit me more than a run, I dozed a little longer. As the day went on and I felt dizzier and my chest tighter, I decided a run just wasn’t in the cards today.

I did make Vegetable and Chickpea Curry last night (recipe courtesy of Cooking Light.) I served it over rice rather than cous-cous. It was pretty good, and the Husband even asked today if we had had any leftover, since he wanted it for lunch!

The Husband is meeting one of his friends for dinner, so I am off the hook tonight as far as dinner is concerned. Which is good, since being sick completely knocks out my appetite for most ‘normal’ foods. Case in point: I may or may not have eaten entire package of saltine crackers today. I did make sure to drink a green monster today though. Fingers crossed for immunity!

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