Vegan Week Challenge

After all the Christmas cookies, chocolate, meat, pie and pounds of candy, all I really want is to eat vegetables. Which is excellent, since one of my New Years resolutions was to go vegan for seven days and see how my energy changes.

I’ve watched different friends try a vegan challenge, and I realize that, for me, I need to have a specific list of goals and a set menu, or else my diet will degenerate into only carrots and hummus. Not to mention the Husband will be less than pleased with a lack of dinner.

My Goals for this challange:

  1. Eat with energy in mind. I am also planning on jumping fully into a semi-intense training program, and the last thing I want is to be tired from improper refueling. It would be easy to subsist off of vegan cookies or cupcakes, but I want to get the full benefits of a meatless diet. So you won’t be seeing vegan desserts featured this week.
  2. Cook delicious vegan meals. Not only will it be easier to stick with no meat or dairy, I also want to be able to incorporate aspects of vegan eating into my regular diet following this challenge. Delicious and interesting recipes will keep my mind and pallet interested. Not to mention the Husband is much happier when I don’t serve carrots and hummus for dinner!
  3. Drink five Green Monsters this week. Green monsters (a green smoothie) are said to provide energy, boost immunity and help with acne. The green monster energy ties back into goal #1. I really want boosted immunity, since I have gotten quite sick twice in the past month, which dropped my training level to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable running my first 10K. I am determined NOT to let that happen again, so this is an experiment in immunity boosting. Acne, well, I suffer from it, and I would like not to! I’ve had 2 green monsters since Christmas ended and I can honestly say I felt a dramatic shift in my energy the rest of the day. Plus, I was able to wear almost no foundation for the first time in years yesterday!

Wasting no time, I am beginning the challenge NOW. Wish me luck!

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