New Years Eve

New Years Eve is supposed to be fun, right?

Because I don’t think anyone really enjoys New Years Eve. You’re supposed to, of course. Everyone feels obligated to go to a lame party, even thought they’re totally partied out from the Christmas shopping rat race (not to mention after-Christmas shopping hell).

And if you don’t go to a lame party, you feel even lamer.

I spent my very lame New Years Eve knitting to Season 4 of Buffy. You see, Buffy understands my pain. She had to slay her own love after he turned good again, then he was lost forever in a not-as-awesome spin off. Totally the same thing.

I finally, finally, finally finished knitting Butterfly Morning’s Chunky Braided Scarf. Mine was not-so-much on the chunk part, but it looks pretty good. And I am wearing that sucker every day to repay it for the endless rows of stockinette agony that it caused me!

I was very delighted to cast on for Talia in a pretty little grey color. I’m a little worried about the gauge (have I mentioned me and gauges are not friends?). Since it seemed a little on the big side, I cast on an extra small. Except now I’m worried it’ll be way too small and I’ll have to wear it open, which will look very strange if the little parts don’t come together. I can be almost-together Vest Girl! Woo!

Well, with that, Happy New Year everyone!

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