A little break from knitting has occurred the past few days, due to my bachlorette party and trip to Florida!

My lovely girls took me out for a lovely night! It was so good to see everyone and so much fun!

Immediately following the party, my dear fiance decided we should leave to visit his parents in Florida. So we took off at 3am on a looong 12 hour drive! Working on projects actually managed to keep me awake for most of the trip.

The South can be a terribly frightening place. Specifically, its gas stations. The one we stopped at in South Carolina featured a strange old man who shouted ‘Hallelujah!’ and tried to preach to us. Also, the bathrooms were very creepy: neon birth control and ‘exotic love kit’ dispensers next to the toilet paper. :shudder:

It was quite the drive, to say the least!

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