Glove Envy

I desperately wanted to make beautiful fingerless gloves. After some searching, I found Fetching. My glove-lust being too great for patience, I knit them up without a swatch (brave, I know.)

But all was well, and I finished them without a hitch.

Thrilled by my success, I bought some yarn for a scarf. I was greedy. As an afterthought, I bought a nice navy blue skein to make something for my fiance at a later date.

“A later date?” Ha! Upon seeing my gloves, Christopher was green with envy. He had always wanted fingerless gloves, he hinted. He took drastic measures, such as sticking his ice cold hands on my neck ‘since he didn’t have fingerless gloves to warm them.

Fine fine. I cast on for Fetching’s brother pattern, Dashing and quickly knit up exactly one glove. Then I stopped, taken very ill by a case of second-glove-itis.

I did everything but the second one – cleaned my room, read a book, learned entrelac, even *gasp* studied.

But Christopher was persistent. “Where’s my glove? Why are my hands so cold? Of course I could run to the store for you! If only I had gloves so I could make it to the car without my hands freezing off!”

Hrmph. So I cast on for glove number 2. All I have left now is the thumb. Thank goodness.

Heaven forbid I ever attempt to make that man a sweater.

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